Speculator Food Crawl 2024

March 14, 2024
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Getting together with friends and hitting all the local eateries- what about that doesn’t sound like a good time?  Saturday brought on the Tastes of Speculator (bad weather) Food Crawl- the food was delicious and the bad weather showed up too!

A few friends and I all piled in the truck, braving the on-coming snowstorm, in search of good food and good times! Our first stop- The Acorn at Oak Mt. Their special was a BBQ brisket on a biscuit (say that 10x fast) with a side of pickles. The brisket was sweet and tangy and the biscuit was warm and buttery and had an added unexpected flavor to the scrumptious slider. It was definitely one of my top picks of the day. While we were there, the guys ran into a fellow white-water kayaker and got a chance to catch up. I also got a lesson on the different types of beer and what makes an IPA different than a pilsner, etc and was able to sample a couple before making my final selection. I’m not much of a beer drinker, probably because I have no idea what to order and who wants to order something they don’t end up liking, so this little tutorial was helpful- plus, now I know, most places offer samples which makes choosing easier.   From there, we drove down to Logan’s. They had tacos for their Food Crawl special. While we were there, another friend showed up, unaware there was a Food Crawl happening that day, and pulled up a chair and joined us for lunch. It was so fun to randomly see and meet up with people we knew at each place! Here, we also met some people whom we didn’t know, but who were also participating in the Food Crawl. We then saw them again at the Lemon Tree, as it was the next destination for us both. The Lemon Tree had a small pour and 2 pretzels for their offer. The pretzels were hot and fresh- just what a pretzel ought to be! It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were all getting full and time was running low. So we decided to finish up the day with dessert at the Perks of Speculator with a hot drink and a cookie! Their lattes are soooo delectable and my choice was the raspberry cookie which was the perfect combination of raspberry preserve on a soft and not too sweet cookie!

We also saw the same ladies who were at Logans and the Lemon Tree at the same time as us at the Perks! We eventually began talking and introduced ourselves and talked about the fun event of the Food Crawl. We admitted that we, unfortunately, were unable to make all the places and then they let us in on a little secret- they got to all the places, but at a few stops, they got take-out! Making it a successful run for them and getting their ticket completely stamped to enter the drawing! Sometimes you gotta learn from the locals! 

In the end, it was such a good time! We all had fun getting out and eating good food, but we also got to see people we knew and meet new acquaintances along the way! This is what makes community events such as this worth going to- supporting local businesses, enjoying tasty food, socializing with friends, meeting new people, and making lasting memories!