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The Hamilton County OneWorkSource Center brings business owners and training opportunities to our County in one centralized location. Having a centralized location makes is easy those seeking a job, looking for a better job, furthering  your education or helping to train folks to find reliable and gainful employment. OneWorkSource also assists in helping businesses find trained motivated employees.

The Hamilton County OneWorkSource One Stop center services include list of job vacancies; career options; helpful instruction on how to conduct a job search;  programs as assistance in writing resumes;  free computer and printer use and a friendly staff member to help you. They also offer employer and referral to training programs. Our OneWorkSource Center is meeting the needs of job seekers (including people with disabilities), providing employment services for youth and adults and supporting to employers in recruiting, staffing and training.

View some of the OneWorkSource Training and Success Stories.  While services are coordinated centrally, they are delivered through a network of organizations ranging from community-based non-profits such as libraries and schools to governmental agencies, in addition to vocational schools and community colleges.

Locally, the North Country Workforce Development Board oversees the OneWorkSource Centers in Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties as well as the employment center of Hamilton County. If you are seeking a new job, a better job or a reliable employee, please do not hesitate to contact your Hamilton County OneWorkSource:
Contact: Dana Ordway or Laura Spengler
Hours:  Mon - Fri  8:00 - 3:30
139 White Birch Lane, PO Box 725
Indian Lake, NY 12842
Phone: 518-648-6131

Adirondack Teleworks:
With the growing trend of new internet based work from home jobs that are being created in this country, Adirondack Teleworks has made it easy for folks to find such jobs in our remote part of the Adirondack Region. 

If you are:

  • Tired of the office
  • Tired of your commute
  • Want a quiet safe community for your family
  • Desire safe/uncontaminated drinking water 
  • Love endless outdoor recreation 
  • Long for incomparable free opportunities for your children to learn new skills and sports
  • Like friendly neighbors who are not exactly next door and all while having some of the best experiences you can find

Bringing even a small portion of these teleworking jobs to the Adirondack Region will invigorate and grow our local economies, enlarge our population and expand our current services. Thanks to the efforts of service providers like Frontier and SLIC high speed internet service is now a reality here in the Adirondack Region.
For a listing of the jobs that are available right now click here:

Contact Information: Bill Murphy - Phone: (518) 648-5112 or email at

Hamilton County Personnel Department:
From time to time Civil Service jobs can be found on the Hamilton County website. You can download examination applications, see what applications are currenlty being accepted and what requirements need to be met to apply as well as when a test will be given if one is required. Examinations are held Saturdays scheduled throughout the year. Click here for the website link:
Conttact Information:
Personnel Officer: Carole Ruiz
Personnel Assistant: Amy VanDerwerker
P.O. Box 174
102 County View Drive Route 8, Court House Lake Pleasant, NY 12108
Phone: (518) 548-6375    Fax: (518) 548-3108
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM