The Good Life

Define Your Adirondack Good Life

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the metro area and discover the gift of time. More time for family, more time to play outdoors, more time to be part of a community. Most residents live close to work and with no stop lights in the entire county, the commute is short and friendly.

For some the Adirondack Good Life is sitting on the porch, sipping tea and watching a beautiful Adirondack sunset over Indian Lake. For others, it's the secret water hole during those hot summer days. For many, it is the safe communities perched on the boundaries of endless hiking, boating, fishing, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and more.

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Hamilton County Is The Adirondack Wild

As the epi-center within the six million-acre Adirondack Park in northern New York, Hamilton County is truely "wild". More than 70 percent of Hamilton County is public land, preserved "Forever Wild" by the New York State Constitution and available for recreation. The county holds the honor of being the least populated in the eastern United States, with 5,000 full-time residents. It goes without saying, there are no stop lights.

The Adirondack WildPublic recreational lands and waters totaling one million acres comprise 95 percent of the county. Services are centered in villages, where restaurants, gas, lodging and attractions are located. Most villages are located on water, such as Long Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Inlet and Raquette Lake. This is because in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the region's abundant waterways were the most efficient form of transportation.

There are no cities, so traffic jams, shopping malls and fast food chains are unknown here.