Blog Entries in August 2012

Aug 31, 2012
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Saw these turkeys last night on my neighbor's lawn. "Aha!" I said. Now I know what has been grubbing up dirt patches in my own lawn. Sure enough, there was a gaggle of gobblers on my lawn this morning. They are welcome to what they find. I seem to have more grubs than my neighbor. This has been a bumper year for turkeys in the Adirondacks; they are everywhere, particularly along the roads, so
Aug 24, 2012
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Just before the shotgun start pictured above, I went out to check my tee sign at the Gary O'Rourke Memorial Golf Tournament. (Lake Pleasant Golf Club is across the road from my office.) I don't play golf, but I support this effort and sponsor a tee sign that pokes fun at a friend, i.e. "Elect Bill Dog Catcher." Most people will know to whom I am referring since this entire county is like a small
Aug 15, 2012
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I took a long weekend to play outdoors with my younger daughter. My daughter is 25 and brought along her boyfriend and two dogs in the sub-compact all the way from Louisville KY, where it's been routinely over 100 degrees all summer. We paddled, swam and hiked, barbecued and stacked wood for the inevitable winter. We also drank a few beers on the deck and just talked. Since my daughter
Aug 06, 2012
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A distinctive building style that uses natural materials such as birch bark, unpeeled logs and twisting branches was born here in the Adirondack Wild. William West Durant, son of one of the principals of the Trans-Continental Railroad, developed what is known as "Great Camp Architecture." Its best examples are found in Hamilton County, but it is a style that was adopted and adapted by everyone
Aug 03, 2012
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Buttermilk Falls outside of Long Lake may be the best known of the dozens of waterfalls found in the county. Lately, more and more people have been asking for the "Waterfall Challege" brochure we offer through the tourism office. Some 18 waterfall destination hikes are described. Most are easy. Picture yourself beside a rush of cool water . . .