Blog Entries in 2024

Mar 14, 2024
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Getting together with friends and hitting all the local eateries- what about that doesn’t sound like a good time?  Saturday brought on the Tastes of Speculator (bad weather) Food Crawl- the food was delicious and the bad weather showed up too!A few friends and I all piled in the truck, braving the on-coming snowstorm, in search of good food and good times! Our first stop- The Acorn at Oak Mt
Feb 16, 2024
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This weekend I was invited to go snowshoeing at Oak Mountain. Yes, it does seem like a rather sad winter for any kind of snow activity- but sometimes you just have to go with what ya got! And Oak Mt did have snow enough! For a first-timer, I had no idea where the trail even started, but my friend who has often traversed this trail knew just where to begin- first stop- inside to let the people at
Feb 12, 2024
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Saturday night, The Lemon Tree Brewery was transformed into an elegant, wintery, atmosphere. Snowflakes and candles, glitter ornaments, and of course the rustic touches of wood slices and pinecones- all came together nicely for that wintery, woodsy, glamour! The Speculator Chamber of Commerce put on a fun and festive fundraising event to help the town purchase snowflakes which will adorn the