Blog Entries in July 2012

Jul 20, 2012
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Hamilton County just filed a grant application for funding to complete broadband installation in most of its hamlets. This should be accomplished by the end of 2013. It involves hanging a lot of fiber optic cable. In the meantime, most of us have DSL. Cell phone coverage will take more time. Mountains and trees get in the way, and some cellular service providers are reluctant to spend money
Jul 05, 2012
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This week has been hot for the Adirondacks. Not as hot as downstate, of course, but temperatures in the 80's feel hot to me. I'm not accustomed to temperatures in the 90's with 80 percent humidity. When I get hot, it's easy to hit the water around here – 3,000 ponds and lakes, most with public access. Since I had the 4th of July off, I threw (well, lugged, grunted and hoisted) the kayak onto the