Oak Mt Snowshoe Trail

February 16, 2024
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This weekend I was invited to go snowshoeing at Oak Mountain. Yes, it does seem like a rather sad winter for any kind of snow activity- but sometimes you just have to go with what ya got! And Oak Mt did have snow enough! For a first-timer, I had no idea where the trail even started, but my friend who has often traversed this trail knew just where to begin- first stop- inside to let the people at the desk know that we were going. It should always be a first step wherever you snowshoe/hike- safety first! No one can come looking for you if something were to happen, if they don’t know where you went.

 Then we headed up to the trail which begins to the left of the bunny hill, just inside the tree line. The trail is very well marked, and unless you happen to be forging the trail after a heavy snow fall, you can always follow the snowshoe prints before you. The trail is a fun one! At the start, it has some small ups and  downs of rolling hills which reminded me of ocean waves, all the while, it weaves through the trees and curves around them like a serpent.  You cross over the snowmobile trails and up over a little ridge that overlooks a pond. You might miss it if it’s frozen and covered in snow, but there is a little friend along the path- a pink flamingo to greet you along the way! After crossing back across the snowmobile path, the incline remains a bit more constant, but not steep. It was here that our adventure had some unusual weather for a mid-February day! At first we noticed it began to sprinkle, although rain was in the forecast for later that day, I did decide to wear my rain jacket as my outer layer just in case- and I was glad I did. The sprinkle turned into a harder rain, yet we decided to forge ahead. It didn’t last very long and then the sun began peaking through the clouds again. The most shocking of events was when we heard the thunder! We were both shocked and laughed at this crazy weather day and decided to carry on as we were nearing the final climb to the top. The last little bit has a switchback rhythm to it and can be rather steep in small intervals, so we took our time, took our water breaks, and caught our breath when we needed to. That’s the good thing about snowshoeing- you can go at your own pace!

Just as you’re about to reach the pinnacle, there is a little mischievous looking gnome just hanging out to spur you on to finish well.  We finally reached the top and it was a beautiful view overlooking Speculator and Lake Pleasant! The sun was peaking out amongst the billowy clouds and reflected off the icy patches on the lake. To my surprise, I met up with someone I know just coming off the chairlift to make their descent skiing down the hill. Small towns, you meet people always at the grocery store, and even at the mountain tops!

For snowshoeing, we could go back down the way we came, or take the Nova trail, as it was closed to skiers for the lack of snow. So that was what we chose to do. It was a nice decent- not too steep, even and wide trails, where we could trek side by side- which always makes for easier conversation! Snowshoers, who had gone before us, had left their trails so one could walk in a more treaded path or stay to the side where it was still snowy enough to sink in a bit as you walked; which is what I enjoy- especially going downhill! Along the way, the rock faces on the sides were covered over with the frozen water which streams down them with their varying colors. Great for a photo background!

We finally arrived at the end of the trail and back where we started. Our adventure took just over 2 hours.! We made sure to let the people at the desk know that we had made it back.

It was a great way to spend the morning! One of the many reasons why having access to so many trails locally is such a blessing! You can choose to make a whole day adventure, or you can choose a closer, shorter option and still have the rest of the day for whatever else. I love where I live!