The Good Life Starts in Our Communities

People here don't waste time commuting, they live near their work. It amounts to a gift of time -- time for family, time to play in the outdoors, time to be part of the life of a community.

Most of our hamlets are on water. While we're located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, it is the abundance of water and public access to water that shapes much of daily life. Fish stories abound summer and winter, betting pools proliferate in the spring as we vie to predict the day and hour of ice-out, everyone has a favorite island in Indian Lake or a remote pond they use for skinny dipping in the heat of summer.

Winters here are long, but we know how to have fun. There are opportunities for Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and 750 miles of groomed snowmobile trails. Not surprisingly, local highway departments deal with snow more quickly and efficiently than downstate counterparts. The roads are almost always clear.

Many communities have medical centers and every community has a dedicated ambulance squad. Since our hamlets are small, libraries and schools play a prominent role in community life. The Adirondack Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake presents plays and concerts throughout the county at venues like the Indian Lake Theater and Great Camp Sagamore, while the Adirondack Museum, called the "Smithsonian of the North" presents lectures year-round, and special events summer and fall. 

Why We Live Here

  •  Gwen and Charlie moved from Denver to spend more time with their children in a safe, scenic environment.

    Gwen & Charles Hilligrass from Piseco
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