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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

August 26, 2020

While I'm not quite ready for it, it seems that Fall is just around the corner! After a beautiful and hot summer, the temperatures are starting to drop off and the days are getting shorter. I sleep so much better at night with a cool breeze coming through the open window, and I appreciate not having to run my air conditioner much anymore, but the car is awful cold in the morning! I do love Summer, but Fall is easily my second favorite season. The leaves will start changing soon and the beautiful mountains around us will take on a whole new look. 

Please Wear Your Mask

July 17, 2020

Business seems to be thriving here in the Adirondacks, with many people looking for ways to get out and enjoy themselves. What better way than to do so out in nature? The Adirondacks seem to have social distancing built right in! If you plan to visit a business to do some shopping, have a meal, or anything in between, please remember to wear your masks and respect social distance boundaries. These businesses do not make the rules and risk being fined, shut down, and in some cases having business licenses revoked if the regulations are not followed. Please continue to support small businesses!


Support Small Businesses

March 20, 2020

In light of everything that is happening in the world around us, the best thing we can do is not panic. Now more than ever, our small local businesses need our support. If you need a product or service, try to think if you can get it from a local source first. While you can't head out for a night on the town for a cocktail and dinner, most local restaurants are still open for take out. Treat your family to a meal in, and you won't even have to cook! Hopefully these times will pass soon, but in the mean time we should all help each other as much as we can. 
Hamilton County Rainbow over Mountains

Roller Coaster Winter

February 28, 2020

 We have had quite the thrill ride of a winter! Each snow storm seemed to be followed by rain, 50 degree weather, or both. It was a worrysome start to the 2019-2020 snowmobile season, but it seems that now the snow is here to stay! The latest storm dropped a few inches of snow which makes a great topper for the hard packed base on the trails. We has some heavy winds, so be careful of possible downed branches, but get out on those sleds and have some fun! 

Fall in the ADKs

September 2, 2018

 Fall has fallen in the Adirondacks! I think our chances of having an Indian Summer have come and gone. Instead, we have welcoming Autumn days with a cool crisp breeze. It has been a little wet, but that can only help with the foliage! This is a great time of year for business owners to get to enjoy the scenery as business slows down a bit. Fingers crossed for a good winter to come!

Hot Hot Hot!

 We have been having an absolutly beautiful (and HOT!) summer, but we have been desperately needing some rain. While those vacationing don't particularly appreciate the precipitation, the rest of us have been doing a little rain dance hopeing to get the lake levels back up! This week, we have definetly made some headway. Our greens are looking a little greener and our lakes a little fuller. We hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are!

Cabin Fever

March 23, 2018

We are all suffering from a little bit of cabin fever I think. The temperatures can't seem to make up their mind, the snow can't seem to figure out if it wants to stay or go. And we are all seeing things... Lately, we have had multiple sightings around the Speculator Region of what some seem to think is real. He's been named Adi, and he appears to be a Yeti of some sort. There is even photographic evidence of his exsistence! See for yourself-

Adi the Yeti

Apparently, once the snow goes, so will Adi. But if your in the area, keep your eyes peeled!

Spring Thaw

February 23, 2018

While it is still February, and Puxatawney Phil saw his shadow, meaning 6 more weeks of winter, we seem to be experiencing a bit of a spring thaw. Unseasonably warm temperatures have us feeling nostalgic for summer time. Its just around the corner! In the mean time, we will keep enjoying the winter with our upcoming fishing tournaments. 


 Janurary 25, 2018


Snowmobile AdirondacksSnowmobile season is in full swing here in the Adirondacks! It took us a little while to get there, between massive rains and -40 degree windchills, but we made it! There are lots of great places to ride, as well as great places to take a break to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cold beer while you warm up. Trailer up, or head to Village Rentals to get your sleds and get out there!

Winter Fun

November 30, 2017

 It has been snowing on and off for a few weeks now, and while we don't have any serious accumulation quite yet, it did get me thinking about all the fun things we have to do here in the Adirondacks! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Sledding down the big hill at the Lake Pleasant Golf Course
  • Snowshoeing some of the great hiking trails
  • Snowmobiling to the Oxbow Inn for an afternoon burger
  • Snowboarding down 5th Ave on Oak Mountain
  • Heading to Lapland Lake for some beautifully groomed cross country ski trails

The Adirondacks are a great place to work, live and play!

The Inbetween Season

 October 23, 2017

 We have reached that time of year again. We had a beautiful Fall, but while there are still a few trees with popping colors, most of the leaves are now on the ground. At this point, it's just a waiting game for the leaves to fly. Regular deer season just opened up, which means an influx of hunters coming into the county, which we love to see! Before we know it, it will be snowmobilers and skiers!

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

 July 6, 2017

 Here we are, back in the swing of Summer! No more mud season, no more snow, and hopefully a little less rain then we have had the last few weeks! Businesses and beaches alike are back open and ready for customers. I can't wait to grab myself a soft ice cream and enjoy it lakeside! 

Hello Sunshine!

 April 17, 2017

 Lake Pleasant Spring

It seems like it has been a while since we've seen you! It has been warm and sunny here and all of our snow is practically gone. There is some ice here and there but it wont be long before that is gone too! Is anyone out there ready to put their boats in the lake!?

This is also the time of year that is perfect for Spring Cleaning, which a lot of local business are taking advantage of. Soon enough everyone will be back open and ready for summer. In the mean time, enjoy the peace and quiet of these small Adirondack towns in the spring time. 

It's Christmas Time

 December 23, 2016

 We are in the full swing of winter. With cold temperatures and heavy snowfalls, it looks like we are in for a much better winter than last year. Local businesses are looking forward to a busy season with lots of snowmobilers, ice fisherman, and skiers! Always be sure to check the ice for safety before crossing with a snowmoible or veturing out to fish. We wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and New Year!

The Snow Has Arrived!

December 5, 2016

 It seems like winter has arrived. Get those snowmobiles and skis ready. It won't be long now before the trails are ready to go. Oak Mountain is hoping to open December 9th, and with the temperatures steadily dropping, it won't be long be long before the lakes are frozen over! The Adirondacks are turning into a winter wonderland.

Winter is Coming!

 October 27, 2016

 Steadily dropping temperatures can only mean one thing- winter is on its way! Fall came in with a flash of brilliant colors but recent rain and snow storms seem to have knocked most of the color right off of the trees. Things are fairly peaceful and quiet for now, but snowmobile and ski season are just around the corner. Let hope for lots of much needed snow this winter!

Welcome Summer!

July 23, 2016

 Summer has arrived! It's great to see businesses opening back up, sprucing up their store fronts. Fourth of July Celebrations are coming up next weekend and business will be booming! Make sure to check out the new businesses like The Growl & Grub in Long Lake, or the newly owned Oxbow Inn in Piseco! 


Early Spring!

March 16, 2016

After a mild, albeit disappointing winter, it seems as though spring is just around the corner. Many of the local businesses are gearing up for their spring cleanings in preparation of tourist season. There is also fun to be had for kids and adults alike. Whether spectating or participating in the upcoming spring productions, from the Cabin Fever Players presentation of Mary Poppins in Indian Lake, to the children of Lake Pleasant with the puny Jack and the Frankenbeanstalk, there are laughs to be had. As we wait for the green to grow, it is a beautiful and peaceful time for our residents to enjoy our small towns.

Jun 26, 2014
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The view of Lake Pleasant is taken from Melody Lodge, a favorite place for lunch and dinner. I see that the colorful flowers are blooming in the wonderful perennial garden that surrounds the Lodge.  A good sign summer is here is when you see the Ice cream windows open at Lake Side Licks and at King of the Frosties.   Town is a little quite today but soon we will be buzzing with our
Jun 05, 2013
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      It is one of those perfect spring days when the air is clear and the contrast between green trees and blue sky can break your heart. The view of Lake Pleasant is taken from Melody Lodge, a favorite place for lunch and dinner. I see that the lupines are blooming in the wonderful perennial garden there.      I meandered during my lunch hour, stopping for the
Mar 01, 2013
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  Last weekend was a busy one for winter recreation here. This year has seen so much more snowfall than last year (when there was close to none), that we are all reveling in snowmobiling, skiing and ice fishing. A new connector trail into the Moose River Plains will mean snowmobilers (and in the summer, mountain bikers and hikers) will be able to access Inlet and Indian Lake from Raquette
Jan 18, 2013
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 I sometimes get to quote myself in a press release. Still,this is big news around here! Work on Phase I of the county Broadband Project will result in higher speeds for internet users in some hamlets in the county as soon as the end of this week, while other hamlets will not see increases until mid-February. Frontier High Speed Max customers in Wells and Speculator will notice a doubling of
Dec 31, 2012
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Instead of making resolutions, I want to be more appreciative. I worry too much about the future without taking time to appreciate what I have, where I am and those I love. I guess I am, in fact, making a single resolution to live more in the moment. I PROMISE TO APPRECIATE:Snow. We have it now, we may not have it later, so I will ski in the woods and appreciate the rustle of sifting snow