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Adirondack Teleworks Job Recruitment and Training Initiative

Hamilton County is creating broadband linkages that will allow 90 percent of its citizens to access 10 mg. speeds. A pilot website to list available teleworks jobs and training programs has been created in Indian Lake, NY and could be expanded to become the portal for the region-wide program

The Adirondack Teleworks Initiative will create an electronic platform supported by a competent director to provide screened teleworkers to large corporations and small businesses. The program will also coordinate specialized training of teleworkers as specified by business partners by working through the four-county North Country Workforce Investment Board and regional educational institutions.  

Isolated and broadly dispersed rural populations in the Adirondacks of Northern New York must use the internet to connect them to global opportunities. This project will create an Adirondack Teleworks program based on the successful Kentucky Teleworks program created 18 months ago. Kentucky Teleworks serves 6,000 on-line job-seekers and works with more than 50 companies throughout the country. Director Joshua Ball estimates he has placed 400 people in work-at-home jobs.

The project will

o Assist the region in obtaining job skills training and encourage tele-entrepreneurship
o Develop the telecommunications infrastructure of the region by creating increased demand for service
o Document job creation in excess of 30 positions in year one.
o Become self-sustaining after Year 1

 Learn more about the jobs offered and the potential Adirondack Teleworks can offer you and your profession.