The Adirondack Good Life

Create your own business and live in the Adirondack Park. Hamilton County NY wants to help.

Live the Good Life in Hamilton County

In Hamilton County, life follows the rhythms of the natural world. Located in the heart of the six-million-acre Adirondack Park, the region offers a safe yet exciting environment for raising children.  The installation of broadband internet service opens up new possibilities for teleworkers and internet-based entrepreneurs. Access to nearly a million annual visitors opens other business opportunities. Start living the good life in the Adirondacks.

The Hamilton County Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency want to help with low-interest loans, business plan support and grant-writing. 

Learn more about business opportunities in Hamilton County, including existing infrastructure, real estate and current incentive programs. Discover the region's incredible outdoor recreation opportunities, and learn more about the student-to-teacher ratios in our schools.

The old saying "work hard, play hard," is a way of life in Hamilton County.

Live The Adirondack Good Life:

  • Your neighbors are glad to lend a helping hand - or chainsaw
  • We celebrate each season - from winter's snow to autumn's brilliant foliage to the first trillium of spring
  • Morning commutes: when we can't eliminate them, we take comfort in little traffic and wildlife sightings
  • Enjoy public access to nearly 1000 ponds, lakes and rivers
  • Hiking, boating, paddling, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing and hunting abound

The Adirondack Good Life

Why We Live Here

  •  Gwen and Charlie moved from Denver to spend more time with their children in a safe, scenic environment.

    Gwen & Charles Hilligrass from Piseco
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