Suspended Animation

October 17, 2012
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     We had a hard frost over the weekend. Although wind and rain have stripped much of the color from the mountainsides, what I call the second foliage season is in full swing. Tamaracks glow yellow and the understory has begun a colorful transformation.
     The Adirondack Museum closed for the season. Hunters (mostly) have the woods to themselves and have been ferrying firewood and supplies to hunting camps. Their spouses look forward to watching the large-screen TV without fighting over the remote. Soups and chili are making the annual reappearance on local menus, and the fire department came by to brush out my woodstove chimney in return for a donation.
     Most tourists have disappeared and second home-owners are drifting to Florida or putting in over-time at work so that they can return when there is snow. Oak Mountain Ski Area is still offering a deal on season passes, and snowmobile riders are calling the office for the new snowmobile trails map. Everyone here is praying for lots and lots of white stuff after last year's disastrous "open" winter.
     Collectively, our shoulders are relaxing after a busy summer season as we plant our bulbs, get our bucks, take out our docks and wait. . . for snow.