August 24, 2012
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Just before the shotgun start pictured above, I went out to check my tee sign at the Gary O'Rourke Memorial Golf Tournament. (Lake Pleasant Golf Club is across the road from my office.) I don't play golf, but I support this effort and sponsor a tee sign that pokes fun at a friend, i.e. "Elect Bill Dog Catcher."
Most people will know to whom I am referring since this entire county is like a small town, but those who don't know Bill will get to know him by the end of the tourney and celebratory dinner.
The tournament raises funds for programs at Oak Mountain, the local ski area in Speculator. The IDA just sold the mountain to a family with roots in the community and a broad experience in the ski industry. Obviously golf tournament funds can't go to the new owners, but they will help support the all-volunteer ski patrol and Learn to Ski school programs.
It is a beautiful day to play golf. I'm not in a hurry for snow to fall – yet! 

About the author: Ann Melious returned to the Adirondacks in 2011 after a 3 year hiatus in the Hudson Valley. She is Director of Economic Development for Hamilton County.