Gaggle of Gobblers

August 31, 2012
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Saw these turkeys last night on my neighbor's lawn. "Aha!" I said. Now I know what has been grubbing up dirt patches in my own lawn. Sure enough, there was a gaggle of gobblers on my lawn this morning. They are welcome to what they find. I seem to have more grubs than my neighbor.
This has been a bumper year for turkeys in the Adirondacks; they are everywhere, particularly along the roads, so drive carefully. I like to watch turkeys and I freely admit to eating at least one annually. The ones I eat, however, are farm-raised, then shipped to a grocery store. NY has spring and fall turkey hunting seasons. In our neck of the woods, the fall season starts Oct. 1. Turkeys in the wild are cautious and fairly wily. Despite hunters, they have a good chance of survival.  Farm-bred turkeys, well, not so much.