Smithsonian of the Adirondacks

June 29, 2012
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I had a meeting at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake earlier this week. The history museum is nationally-known and highly regarded, called "the best of its kind" by the New York Times.
Meeting concluded, I visited some of the 22 exhibit spaces and historic buildings on the huge campus. Things are always changing at the Museum, and I wanted to check out a few favorite exhibits as well (rustic furniture and the private train car with its luxurious mahogany trim, as used by the wealthy to reach their Adirondack Great Camps.)
I pulled out my camera and tried to take pictures that would sum up the place. That didn't work. The Adirondack Museum is too big. I managed to get a bunch of buildings and tiny people in my view-finder, but such photos just don't give you a good feel for the place. Sometimes it's the details that speak most eloquently. In that spirit, I love the covered chamber pot by the bed in the old log hotel pictured above.

Author: Ann Melious imoved to Hamilton County in 2011 as Director of Economic Development and Tourism