Moose Maunderings

June 15, 2012
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      Got a call this afternoon that a moose had been spotted near Lake Pleasant School. I jumped in the car with my camera. It seems everyone but me has spotted a moose lately.
      Moose move quickly unless they are feeding in isolation. Of course they move quickly! Their shoulder height exceeds my own 5'6". "Bull or a cow?" I wondered as I walked around the school and then moved over to the Sacandaga Pathway. Plenty of moose cows have been spotted recently and the internet is full of their pictures. Bulls, however, are a little more cautious and thus, not seen as frequently. Too bad, since their Bullwinkle antlers are fascinating to see – from a distance.
      Moose seem unfazed by humans. That is not because they are friendly. It is because they are huge and unafraid. Do not approach a moose, enjoy him or her from afar. 
      I didn't find my moose. Will have to settle temporarily for other people's photos.