Sunny with Frequent Flurries of Tourists

May 29, 2012
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I was having a conversation last week with someone who asked how the tourism season will shape up this year. He was concerned about gas prices.

The season will be fine despite gas prices IF the weather is good. That is reality for outdoor destinations.

After weather, it is the general state of the economy more than gas prices that dictates demand and spending in the tourism world, particularly for drive-to destinations like the Adirondacks. A tank of gas for your personal vehicle is still cheaper than airline tickets to Paris or Disney World. Aviation fuel is gas, too.

The wealthy are recession-proof but we have limited facilities that cater to the upscale market. On the plus side, almost anyone can afford a camping vacation, and we have plenty of campsites and lots of beautiful backcountry.

Despite 25 years in the destination marketing business, my predictions are no better than the next pundit's. If only I were a meteorologist and a Wall Street insider, too.