Corner Office

May 30, 2012
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      That's the view from my corner office (above). I am not very important in the scheme of things, so getting a corner office in the Adirondack Wild was the result of serendipity as much as pecking order.
       We are a county of small hamlets dispersed among huge swaths of wilderness. Tourism is big here and existing businesses are small and independent. In fact there isn't a single chain store, restaurant or hotel in all of our 1,700 square miles. We'll soon be upgrading internet speeds throughout the county so that work-at-home businesses can compete on a global scale. I hope that helps inspire entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to the Adirondack Wild.
       The view from my office window influenced my decision to work here. I had another opportunity in another community in another office that looked out on an interstate and some big box stores.
       Note to my boss: I don't spend all my time looking out the window!